Simplify billing at your fairs

FairMPOS is a mobile based, user friendly, efficient and fast software for your Fair billing needs.

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Easy setup. Easy billing

A few steps, and you're ready to start billing

Why should you trust us?

We are not just a software company; we are the heartbeat of the Book Trade. Established in 1986, we have been the trusted pioneers in developing software solutions tailored exclusively for the Publishing, Distribution, and Retail sectors. With over three decades of unwavering commitment and over 300 man-years of dedicated experience, our journey has paralleled the evolution of the Book Trade itself.

Choose Logic Soft for software solutions that are as timeless as the books themselves, and experience a partnership rooted in trust, expertise, and innovation.

We are not just a part of the Book Trade; we are its driving force, powering success, one solution at a time.


A special price just for New Delhi World Book Fair 2024

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999 + GST *

This includes 2 billing device licenses. Additional licenses can be purchased for ₹ 750 + GST

* Offer valid only for the duration of the New Delhi World Book Fair between February 10th to 18th, 2024

Cloud based Fair Management

Manage all your fairs from one central location. Authorize access to users with rich role based access. Monitor your sales from here

Intricate fair control

Control all the tiny aspects of your fairs - authorized billing devices, discounts, pricing, round offs, returns, cancellations & many others.

Android Based

DCUs too pricey? Use your mobile phones for billing. The mobile camera doubles up as a intelligent barcode scanner as well.

Offline first

We understand that internet is not always available. Your transactions are safe on the mobile and will be synced once the internet is available.

Unlimited SKUs

Bring all your items. We have no limits on the number of items you store with us. Sell widely!

Monitor your sales

Use either our mobile app or the rich reports on the cloud app to monitor your sales happening at all your fairs in near real time.

What all can you expect?


Intelligent Barcode Scanner

Scan items reliably, efficiently and accurately using the mobile camera’s intelligent barcode scanner.

Efficient title search

No barcodes on your titles? Use our fast and precise search to find what you are looking for.

Preset discounts

Forget manual discounts. Automatically apply a preset discount to bills made.

Collection summary

Group and tally your collections mobile wise and payment method wise.

Hold bills

Indecisive assets/customers or pending payments at a fair? Easily hold bills and switch to the next customer in queue.

External barcode scanner pairing

Increase the speed of billing using purpose made Bluetooth barcode scanners.

Unlimited SKUs

Bring all your books and non-book for billing. No limit on the number of items the system can handle.

Authorize mobiles for use at fairs

Authorize, enable and map multiple mobile devices to the fair.

Returns & Cancellations

Record cancellations, partial and full returns against sales bills made earlier.

Sync sales data to cloud app

Automatically sync all sales information from mobiles to a central cloud using internet for analysis.

Pair fast with Bluetooth printers

Connect to Bluetooth printers and print sales bills in a jiffy.

Bill even in no-internet situations

Bad internet? Don’t worry. FairMPOS makes billing easy and fast even without internet and automatically syncs when internet is available.

Sales analysis

Remotely analyze sales based on bills raised at the fair using our cloud enabled application. Know your best sellers

And more

These are a subset of the features that FairMPOS provides. Sign up and explore it for your use cases.

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